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MSP Course Description

Ministerial Study Program (MSP)

is the advanced level of leadership training. The modular format is held in various centers throughout the U.S. and other countries. The study includes eight weeks online discussion and weekend meeting.  The graduate is eligible to pursue official accreditation. The total of 60 credits is transferable to Crown College. (We have proposed to other Alliance colleges as well.)

Course + Syllabus Credits 

Biblical & Theology Course 30
Pastoral Ministry Courses 15
Professional Courses 15

BIB102 Life of Christ  6 (TEE)
              (Pastoral Compendium)

BIB103 New Testament Survey 3

BIB102 Old Testament    3

MIN102 Foundation & Spiritual    3

GOV101 Alliance Background,  3
Distinctive Gov

MIN201 Church Leadersip Ministries  

MIS203 Intro to World Missions  3

BIB202 Biblical Theology   

MIN202 Church Health    3

PRE101 Intro to Preaching   3

MIN101 Pastoral Ministry   

HIS201 Church History 

BIB201 Wisdom Literature   3

TH303 Romans   

BIB207 Hermeneutic  3

MIN103 Pastoral Counseling  

PRE201 Expository Peaching 

TH301 Systematic Theology    3

BIB203 Paul Epistles