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This is a serious "Ministerial Study Program" (MSP), which those who graduate the Track B are eligible to pursue  accreditation for ministry licensing. MSP is the Advanced level of Hmong District's Church Leadership Academy (CLA). It is recommended the applicant finish level 1 TEE. All modified MSP courses (60 credits) are transferable to Crown College. Hmong Christian Insitute ( HCI) is working to partner with other schools as well.

The MSP structure will include on-site meetings as well as 8-weeks online assignment and interactions with the instructor.

Thus, the HCI would like to remind the pastors adn elders to prepare the applicants for their best qualified training.

Procedure to enroll in MSP:

Submit signed application (inlcuding $25 non-refundable fee) to the church for recommendation signature . The two references, one for church leader and one to other general leader, could be mailed directly to HCI offer.

Criteria for recommendation:

     a. Complete TEE study. Please include a copy of the
         TEE certificate in the application.
     b. Those who have not completed TEE  will be required
          to take the pre-requisite "Abundant Life" course
          before the pastor signs the recommendation.
     c. Demonstrate spiritual maturity and the passion to serve

The church will forward the completed application to HCI office for final approval.

Any group of seven or more, HCI will assign the instructors to them. Otherwise, they will be directed to join the nearest group.

What's new:

Paying tuition and book orders are done conveniently and promptly online