Tulsa Hmong Alliance Church is looking for a warrior Senior pastor to lead our members as we continue to live in the land or country flowing with milk and honey (Paraphrased from Joshua 24:15). Living in the United States, we are continuously battling the various pagan gods of a modern society. Some of the pagan gods are: the materialistic desires of trying to “keep up with the Joneses”; the craving for constant information via the internet; the desire to know instantly what our friends and family are doing via social media such as Facebook or Snapchat. Due to the ubiquitous presence of the various pagan gods, many of us have forsaken God and his love, and are in need of a Joshua to remind us of God’s love and lead us back to God.  

This is an exciting time of transition for our church. Our church is on the cusp of transitioning from cov laus leading the church to the next generation or young professionals leading. Our church is comprised of blue-collar workers and young professionals. To paraphrase the Old Testament, we are looking for a Joshua or Pastor who can lead, teach, and preach with Biblical discernment. Cov laus has led this church for many years starting when they were slaves to the Egyptians or the English language. Cov laus has seen the miracles of God as they made the arduous and perilous trek from Laos to the United States, specifically Tulsa. Now, it is time for their sons and daughters to start leading the church under the leadership of a new pastor.

Rephrasing Martin Luther King Jr’s “I have a dream.” speech.

We have a dream that someday, the Millennials and cov laus can praise and worship God together in English and Hmong.

We have a dream that someday, all musical instruments will be used during Praise and Worship and not sit idly.

We have a dream that someday, the Millennials and cov laus will crave and thirst for the Word of God.

We have a dream that someday, young families along with their children, and cov laus will fill every seat in the chapel.

We have a dream that someday, all members will give faithfully and there will be no more fund raisers for niam tsev, txiv tsev, or the youths.

We have a dream that someday, there will be more than enough members willing to serve than there are positions available.

We have a dream that someday, Wednesday service will be more than just a prayer session. 

We have a dream that someday, the Youths’ ministry will be Gospel centered, and equipping the next generation of Christian leaders. 

To speed up the day that all of God’s children, cov laus and the Millennials can join hands and sing songs praising God, Tulsa Hmong Alliance Church is in need of a strong spiritual pastor, who:

  1. Has a passion to lead others to know Christ as their personal savior.
  2. Can preach with relevancy to the Millennials and still reach cov laus.
  3. Is not afraid to challenge the status quo of the existing culture of our church.
  4. Has a vision to grow the church so it can become a vibrant, active, and thriving church.

If you have been praying for an opportunity to become a senior pastor of a Hmong church on the cusp of transitioning from cov laus leading to the Millennials leading, please consider applying.

Starting salary including allowance is $40,000.

Please submit the following:

  1. A one page explaining your vision and strategies to reach the Millennials and to grow the church.
  2. A current resume.

You may send your submission to thac.treasurer@gmail.com

If you should have questions regarding the information on this posting, please email KL Txawj Kos Muas at gsmoua@sbcglobal.net.